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10 Great Topics to Talk About

You can talk to your crush about places that you have traveled so far, or about places that you are planning to visit in the nearest future.

Top 10 Interesting Topics You Can Talk with Your Crush! Go!

What is the happiest couple you know? How many people are living in your home? What is your worst date experience? Which one is your favorite? Have you ever lived together with your partner? What real person you know is most likely to be a superhero? Will you come over and get rid of it, or do you also have an irrational fear of bugs? The following 20 questions are all about them, their stories, and their fabulous comics, movies, and books.

55 Things To Talk About With Your Crush

But it actually says a lot about a person what they think about this topic.

55 Things To Talk About With Your Crush

Daily Dilemmas Ranging from the mundane to the existential — questions like these force your crush to think and respond.

21 Texts That Start A Conversation With Your Crush When You're Bored

Do you like the rain? What do you like about girls? Can money buy you happiness? What is your favorite room? When you're in the mood to have your mind blown, this is a great starting point.

Things to talk about

Have you ever had surgery? They show the type of lifestyle your crush has and what they want out of life.

Things to talk about

What is the last dream you remember? This is another question that could lead to a date if you play your cards right.

10 Great Topics to Talk About

Are you addicted to anything? What do you think about tiny houses? Would you like to turn your hobby into a career? Are you afraid of any animal? Have you ever tried a vegetarian or vegan diet? In your opinion, what is the most beautiful animal? What would you do if a bear approaches you? Who is your favorite Harry Potter character? Is your job mentally satisfying? Do you care about fashion? What a coincidence, she just described you to a T.

100+ Good Conversation Starters For Teens To Spark Connections 2021

Do you think if every human would become vegan or vegetarian, we could stop climate change? What do you think are negative aspects of being a workaholic? Check out the following 5 questions to ask your crush! Have you ever fallen asleep while watching TV? What song always makes you smile? Who are the three best athletes of all time? Have you ever had to work overtime? Do you like decorating your room? What was your most serious relationship so far and how did it end? Do they all live in India? " The best conversation starters are ones that inspire curiosity, invite a response, and open the door to other topics — and I'm sorry to say that "hey" does none of those things.

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What do you think the current job market is like? Did you ever experience something supernatural? If you could choose to kill one person to save as many persons as possible, who would you decide to kill? Do you have a favorite cook? What is the traditional food of your home country? Looking hotter than ever, I see.

12 Good Topics to Talk About With Your Crush (2018 Guide)

This is a super lighthearted question that leads to.